How to use Bringitt?


What is Bringitt?

Bringitt is your student-to-student shipping network. College students need item(s) from home all the time. Bringitt helps connect students who need item(s) from home, with other students who will be on their way back to campus and able to retrieve the needed item(s).

How does Bringitt work?

Bringitt uses a mobile app to connect users together. Senders are able to create a Run (our term for delivery) and share it with the rest of the Bringitt community. Other students then check runs on the Bringitt app before heading back to campus, and if they are able to bring the item back to campus, they accept the run. The driver gets paid for their efforts and the sender gets their item back conveniently. No more waiting until mom has a day off work!

Do I have to use the mobile app? Can I use Bringitt via the Browser?

In order to make it easy for everyone to view, create, and accept runs, you must use the mobile app. is used as a place for information and for contacting the Bringitt team.

How much does Bringitt cost?

We have a simple, low rate of $15 for each run. Whether you’re sending just a textbook or your laundry, groceries, and a winter coat, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying.

Where is Bringitt available?

Bringitt is currently available at Michigan State University and the surrounding communities. If you want to help Bringitt launch at your campus, please reach out to us at and let us know!

What if i don't see many runs in my area?

Bringitt is not yet available in all areas. We are doing our best to expand and make ourselves available in your community. Inviting friends to the Bringitt community is the best way to help us expand to yours!

How do the payments work?

All payments are completed within the Bringitt app for your security. Credit cards are charged through the app using a merchant service. Drivers are paid through a paypal transfer or direct deposit, whichever they prefer.

What if my schedule changes?

We understand that schedules change from time-to-time. Use the in-app messenger to communicate with your driver/sender and make sure you are on the same page.

I have a suggestion for a new feature or update, who should I talk to?

We love to hear from members of the Bringitt community. Please share your thoughts with us by emailing


How do I become a sender?

First, download the Bringitt app and create a profile. This includes entering and verifying your .edu email address, entering your name, other basic information, and uploading a friendly selfie. Now you are ready to click the (+) to create a run.

How do I send something?

To send an item, simply press the center (+) button on the app to begin creating a run. State what will be sent and decide when and where you would like the item picked up, and dropped off. You can then publish the run to the rest of the Bringitt community.

What item(s) are NOT allowed to be sent via Bringitt?

While we wish we could accommodate everyone and everything, there are some rules when it comes to what you are allowed to send. We ask that you do not send the following: Pets, Illegal Drugs, Firearms, and Hazardous Material. A full list can be found within our terms of service document.

What if something happens to my item?

Your trust and the safety of your item(s) is extremely important to us. Every item that you send will be insured up to $250. If for some reason, your item is damaged or not delivered, you can submit a form telling us what happened. This form will be made available to you within the app, but you may also email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We work with the authorities to ensure that untrustworthy users are not only banned from our server, but also face legal ramifications.

Is my run insured?

Yes. Each run is insured up to $250.

What if I need to cancel the run I created?

If for some reason you need to cancel your run, you will be able to cancel your run without penalty. You will find the cancel button at the bottom of the Run Page you created.

Who are Drivers and how are they screened?

Drivers are students that are registered with a .edu email address, or other individuals that have been invited by users within the Bringitt community. Each driver submits a number of pieces of information necessary to certify they are eligible to complete runs.


How do I become a driver?

It’s really simple to become a driver. Download the app and create an account with your .edu email address. Go to your profile page and click “Become a Driver”. Then, enter your information such as a picture of the front and back of your driver's license, auto insurance information, and make and model of your car. You can decide how you would like to get paid by setting up direct deposit or paypal information. The Bringitt team will verify and hopefully approve the information within 48 hours. After that, welcome to the family!

What if I need to cancel the run I am the driver for?

If you have already become the driver and realize that you need to cancel, you will find a red cancel button at the bottom of the Run Page. Out of respect for your sender, it would be courteous to send them a message apologizing for the inconvenience before cancelling. Each user is allowed 2 cancellations without penalty. After a 3rd cancellation, the user is not allowed to accept any more runs as a driver.

How and when do I get paid?

So you completed a run and helped out one of your peers, great job! As if that warm fuzzy feeling inside wasn’t enough, you’ve also earned $10! We can pay you in one of two ways. You can enter your paypal information and we can transfer the funds to your paypal account, or we can send you a direct deposit to your bank account. Whichever is easier for you! You will receive payment within 2 business days of the run being completed.

What kind of auto insurance do I need?

Bringitt Drivers must have auto insurance that meets or exceeds the requirements set by the state in which they are driving.